Preventing Louisville Medication Error: 10 Key Administrative Elements (Part A)

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When you become the victim of a medication error in Kentucky, you may be wondering how such an error could have occurred. If you or a loved one is suffering in Louisville from a medication error, speak to an attorney who can help. 

Having a better understanding of the medication system can not only help you and your attorney assess where the error originated, but the information can also empower you to be on the lookout for potential mistakes in your future.

10 Elements of Medication Administration: The First 5 Steps 

The prescribed medication use system is a complex network of protocol and sub-protocol that incorporates diagnosis, prescription, order processing, medication dispensing, administration, usage instructions, and the monitoring of results.

A failure at any of these elements can cause a medication error: 

  • patient history – getting the correct data about a patient, which includes basic information such as age and weight and includes clinical data such as allergies, medical history, and family history, is a crucial step in properly assessing the viability of any chemical or medical treatment for a patient;
  • drug information – accurate and up-to-date drug data should be readily available to all staff to mitigate the potential harm of inaccurate information;
  • miscommunication – when data about a drug or prescription is miscommunicated, mistakes can happen;
  • labeling – when drugs are properly labeled and packaged, the likelihood of an error is greatly reduced; and
  • drug storage and distribution – implementing standardized administration and dosage concentration minimizes the risk of an error. 

By checking that there are no failures at any of these points will help to eliminate the consequences of a prescription medication error in Kentucky, such as additional severe health conditions or even death.

When you end up facing these consequences, it’s imperative you contact an attorney in Louisville for medication error help. You could be able to collect compensation to cover the costs of any medical treatment you need as a result of the mistake that caused you harm, including lost wages, the cost of medical equipment, and compensation for your pain and suffering.