Nursing Home Abuse in Kentucky: Bedsores and Neglect of the Elderly (Part B)

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After the first stage of bedsores there follows: 

  • the second stage of bedsores where skin layers are lost (looks like a blister or abrasion);
  • the third stage of bedsores when the skin layers are damaged to a point that tissue is exposed; and
  • the final stage, which can be fatal, is when there is such a loss of tissue, that it leaves muscle and bones exposed.  

These forms of nursing home abuse in Kentucky are preventable and a result of neglect. When bedsores are in the first stage they can be treated. A failure to detect and treat bedsores can then lead to open sores and the resulting destruction of muscle and bones. 

Prevention of Bedsores

Even if a nursing home resident is not mobile, there are ways to prevent bedsores from developing.

Some helpful resources for an immobile nursing home resident: 

  • pillows;
  • foam wedges;
  • lifting devices; and
  • special beds that reduce pressure.  

Residents should also be frequently moved from their position, such as alternating sides of the body. When a preventable form of nursing home abuse occurs, the facility and/or worker could be held liable for your loved one’s injuries.

Risk Factors for Bedsores

Being left in the same position may not be the only risk factor for developing bedsores. Nursing home workers should be aware of other potential circumstances in which this could happen.

Patients who suffer from incontinency may be at a higher risk because of the moisture from the urine, which can cause skin damage. Keeping the skin clean and dry can help. Malnutrition has also been suggested as a potential risk factor for bedsores. Making sure residents maintain a healthy diet is important.

Nothing is more devastating than to learn that your loved one was injured as a result of nursing home abuse in Kentucky. You may have legal options available however, which is why it would be in your best interest to consult with a Louisville nursing home abuse lawyer as soon as possible.

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