Elderly Nursing Home Residents May Suffer Fatal Hypothermia in KY

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The recent wave of sub-zero temperatures sweeping across the state has likely forced you to bundle up to brave the cold. You may even have invested in extra blankets and turned up the thermostat, thinking that keeping you and your family warm will be worth the extra expense.

But what about your loved one who is spending the winter in a care facility? Has the staff taken similar precautions to protect your relative’s heath?

It may seem incredible, but it’s entirely possible for a senior to suffer hypothermia in a Kentucky nursing home. Although it more commonly affects elderly people who live in poorly heated homes, hypothermia can result from prolonged exposure to any cold or damp conditions that cause the body’s core temperature to fall below 95 degrees.

Risks Associated With Nursing Home Hypothermia

Health Conditions 

Hypothermia often begins with frostbite, a loss of feeling in the extremities such as the fingers, toes, ears or nose. Patients who are suffering from paralysis or nerve damage caused by diabetes may not notice any unusual sensations in their fingers and toes until more serious symptoms appear.


Patients who are unable to move cannot gather extra blankets or relocate to a different part of the facility. This includes patients who are unresponsive, sleep for long periods, or whose medication regimen keeps them unconscious.

Psychiatric Problems

Wandering patients and those who suffer from delusions may leave the facility without noticing the cold, often failing to wear protective clothing or footwear before going outside.


Patients may suffer frostbite after being left in parked buses waiting on a caretaker to drive them, or left by a cold window for too long because they needed help getting out of a chair.

Has Your Loved One Been Injured In A Nursing Home?

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