Medication Error in Louisville: Failure to Suspend Prescription Drugs (Part A)

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Regrettably, the failure to suspend medication is an error that Louisville medical professionals and health practitioners make too often. If you or someone you care for has been the victim of this medical mistake, speak to a Louisville medical neglect attorney who has handled similar cases in the past and understands the deep complexities of a medication error lawsuit.

The complexity of the practice of medicine is such that medications must sometimes be changed or suspended, depending on the status of the patient or any upcoming courses of treatment. In some cases, a doctor may fail to properly react to the changes in a patient’s health or fail to modify prescribed medications in preparation for a status change, such as in the event of surgery. This can lead to a medication error in Louisville. When this happens, the ramifications can be shocking.

We don’t often think of a medication error in Louisville as the reason for a malpractice lawsuit, but the truth of the matter is that the failure to modify or suspend medications appropriately can result in:  

  • damage to unborn children;
  • damage to the patient’s vital organs;
  • cause pain and suffering through negative side effects; and
  • death.  

How a Louisville Medical Neglect Attorney Can Help

If your family has suffered as the result of an improperly administered, prescribed, labeled, or distributed medication, contact an attorney. An attorney with a background in medication error cases has the anticipatory knowledge necessary to streamline the process as much as possible – although you should know from the start that these kinds of legal proceedings are rarely over quickly.

An attorney can discuss your situation with you in a consultation and evaluate the facts surrounding your case to help you determine if a lawsuit is the best option for you. Most lawyers work on a commission basis, so if nothing is recovered in your case, you have no financial liability to the attorney. Contact a Louisville medical neglect attorney as soon as possible.