Preventing Financial Elderly Abuse in Kentucky (Part A)

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When it comes to abuse in a nursing home, most people think of physical abuse or neglect. However, it can also take another form. If your loved one was the victim of financial elderly abuse in Kentucky, then compensation could be available. You should contact a Kentucky nursing home abuse lawyer to learn if you have a legitimate claim worth pursuing.

People take advantage of residents in nursing homes financially. It could lead to not only thousands of dollars of missing money but their lifesavings could be totally depleted. There are ways that can help prevent financial exploitation of nursing home residents; however, when your loved one has become a victim, you should contact a Kentucky nursing home abuse lawyer.

Ways to Prevent Financial Elderly Abuse in Kentucky

Residents in a nursing home are vulnerable physically, emotionally, and mentally. Many people exploit the elderly in terms of financial scams. You can assist your loved one with their finances and teach them helpful tips that may stop them from becoming a victim.

One way to prevent abuse of their finances is to remind your loved one that they should never sign something they don’t understand. They need to have someone they trust look at it first.

Talk to your loved one about not signing blank checks as well. Another person may offer to write in the amount for them or make the check out for them. Checks that your loved one receives can be better protected if they are automatically deposited into their account.

You can also help prevent financial elderly abuse by encouraging your loved one to put money and valuables in a safe spot and not leave them out in the open. They could keep them in a bank or safe deposit box, or, if they must keep these items on hand, then a locked box is recommended.

Has Your Loved One Been Injured In A Nursing Home?

If you believe your loved one is being subjected to nursing home abuse you need to speak with an experienced Kentucky nursing home neglect attorney as soon as possible. Contact us online or call our office directly at 888.450.4456 to schedule a free consultation.