Louisville Nursing Home Abuse Attorney Explain Urinary Incontinence (Part B)

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Because incontinence happens often, especially in elderly women, nursing homes are expected to be able to deal with the problem in an appropriate and adequate way. The responsibilities of nursing home staff typically will include helping patients use the bathroom and reminding patients of the need to urinate, but they do not end there. 

When a patient is suffers from urinary incontinence, any underlying medical problems, such as a urinary tract infection, should be treated. A management plan should be put into place in order to help to minimize the chances of an accident occurring. With a bathroom that the patient can use comfortably and regularly, accidents can usually be avoided. 

However, some of the most important responsibilities of nursing home staff involve dealing with patients who have had accidents. When an accident happens, the patient must be changed into clean clothing and undergarments in a timely manner. Neither the patient’s clothing, bed nor other living environment should remain soiled for any length of time. 

If a nursing home fails in its duties and does not help its patients suffering from urinary incontinence, a Louisville nursing home abuse attorney may be able to bring a claim for damages based on abuse or neglect. If it can be demonstrated that the nursing home was more careless than was reasonable and that the patient suffered harm as a result, it can lead to the nursing home being required to pay monetary damages. 

These damages can cover not only medical costs arising from any infections or medical problems the patient develops as a result of improper care or management of urinary incontinence, but also additional damages for pain and suffering and emotional distress. If you wish to collect these damages, you have the burden of proving that the nursing home did not act in an appropriate manner in caring for the patient suffering from urinary incontinence. A Louisville nursing home attorney can help you gather evidence and the information you need to show that the nursing home was unreasonably careless in caring for your loved one. 

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