Answers to Important Questions After a Driver High on Pot Kills Your Loved One

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Before you can begin the difficult task of rebuilding your life without your loved one, you feel like you have to know more about the accident that ended his life. You need to know how this could’ve happened to your loved one, to your family, and to you. You deserve all of the information that you need during this difficult time.

Answers to Some Commonly Asked Questions

When a driver who was under the influence of marijuana causes a fatal car crash on Spaghetti Junction in Louisville, River Road in Indian Hills, or any other road in the Louisville area, those who lost their loved one in the accident deserve answers. Some common questions we hear are:

  • How much pot is too much pot to drive a car in Kentucky? While it is illegal to drive under the influence of marijuana—or other drugs—in Kentucky, there is no set limit that defines “under the influence” as there is with drunk driving. recently had an interesting article about the difficulty of measuring blood levels in drivers who appear high. However, that difficulty should not allow drivers who are under the influence to escape liability in Kentucky.
  • Will I ever really know what happened in the accident if I wasn’t there? Yes, you may find out what really happened if a thorough investigation is done and reported back to you.
  • How will the driver who killed my loved one be held responsible? A civil wrongful death lawsuit may hold the driver responsible (sometimes through his or her insurance company). Criminal charges may also be brought in some cases.

Of course, these are only some of the important questions you have after a tragic loss.

YOUR Questions Deserve Answers

The only way to get the answers that you need is to ask the questions of someone who can answer them truthfully. Accordingly, we encourage you to contact our experienced and empathetic attorneys today via this website or by phone.

We also invite you to share this article with your other relatives who may be mourning the loss of your loved one and with anyone else who you feel may benefit from the information.

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