$8 Million Awarded Against Treyton Oak Towers in Louisville

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February 17, 2012 – In a report from the Courier-Journal, $8 million was awarded against Treyton Oak Towers in Louisville.

After a 2 week trial, the settlement was reached stemming from a case involving a retired surgeon, Dr. David Griffin. In Sept., 2008, he was improperly transported from a chair into his bed. It left him with broken legs and less than 2 months after the incident, he died.

In addition to the improper care that Dr. Griffin received, the nursing home also tried to cover up the incident. He was placed into his bed as if nothing had happened. 

Due to the stroke he had suffered, he was unable to communicate the pain he was in. Staff members were even told to change his medical records. The nursing home plans on appealing the ruling.

The $8 million settlement includes $1 million for state nursing home statute violations, $2 million for pain and suffering and $5 million was awarded for punitive damages.

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