Distracted Driving Increasing in Louisville

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Distracted driving seems to becoming more prevalent on the streets of Louisville, accident attorneys say. 

Recently the Gene Snyder Freeway was closed after a three-car wreck because of a distracted driver. The Courier-Journal reported that the woman looked up too late to stop her car from slamming into the back end of another car that was stopped along with the rest of traffic on the freeway. 

The second vehicle was forced into the rear end of a third vehicle. At last word, the distracted driver was in critical condition, while the other two drivers were taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. 

The Rise of Distracted Driving 

Advances in technology and the public’s addiction to stay connected and in touch at all times has led to the rise in this ever-growing hazard on the road, known as distracted driving. Talking on a cell phone is distracting enough, but today’s drivers seem to believe they can text and drive or use their smartphones to update their Facebook statuses while behind the wheel. 

Distracted drivers on our roadways that damage property and harm innocent commuters on their way to school, work or play can be held accountable. 

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