Posted on Aug 06, 2012

As we reported in a previous story, there are ever-increasing numbers of woman suing Johnson & Johnson and several other companies that manufactured dangerous transvaginal mesh products. However, you may not be familiar with the less than honest ways in which the company has chosen to respond. 

According to an article published by The Legal Examiner, Johnson & Johnson only recently recalled almost all of its transvaginal mesh products. This recall was prompted by lawsuits rather than actual concerns for customer health. 

The recall includes the following products the 

  • Gynecare TVT Secure System;
  • Gynecare Prosima;
  • Gynecare Prolifit; and
  • Gynecare Prolifit + M. 


Along with the recall, Johnson & Johnson has requested that its products be exempt from the FDA’s safety study requirement regarding transvaginal mesh implants. The FDA created the more rigorous testing standards for the dangerous meshes after receiving more than 3,500 reports of serious health problems related to the mesh products. A recall should not be enough to exempt a company from such standards. 

Some of the complications that can be caused by transvaginal meshes include: 

  • organ perforation;
  • mesh erosion or protrusion;
  • pain
  • infection; and
  • bleeding. 


FDA officials say that these complications are all too common occurrences. On top of these risks, there is little to no evidence that the meshes are any more successful than traditional treatments for pelvic organ prolapse. 

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