Kentucky Residents May Benefit from $90 Mill Class Action Settlement

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Kentucky residents could be among the 700,000 former policyholders to benefit from the $90 million WellPoint Inc.,a health benefits company, has agreed to pay to settle a 2005 class action lawsuit against its subsidiary companies, Anthem Insurance Companies Inc.

According to BusinessWire, the lawsuit was filed by policyholders in Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio, and Connecticut after Anthem switched from a mutual company to a stock company and failed to pay its previous shared company members the fair value of their interests in the company.

The members were entitled to a cash reimbursement for their claim and membership in the company. Anthem, however, didn’t award that money to its members, essentially stealing from hundreds of thousands of people in four different states.

The final approval of this settlement has been scheduled for October 25.

Class action lawsuits such as this are a means of uniting many people who’ve been wronged by a single corporate entity. Since many times individuals don’t stand a chance against big companies like WellPoint Inc. in court, it’s important for those who have lost money or been injured by such companies to find allies and seek justice as a group.

If You Have Been Wronged By a Corporation…

It is imperative to the success of your claim that you contact legal counsel that has experience with handling multiple plaintiffs and organizing a class action lawsuit.

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