Louisville Car Accident Involves Recalled Toyota

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A Louisville car accident leaves six people injured when an accelerator allegedly becomes stuck in a recalled Toyota.

Rhonda Muehl reported that she was stopped in front of her house on Terry Road and waiting to make a left turn when she was rear-ended by a 2007 Toyota Tundra. The force of the impact caused Muehl to collide with a Ford Explorer.

Six people were transported to a local hospital and treated for injuries sustained in the accident. Their identities were not made known. Muehl, along with the driver of the Toyota, Scott Tarter, of Louisville, suffered minor injuries.

“I heard the tires squealing like someone trying to stop,” Muehl said. She immediately went over to Tarter and reported that he claimed that the gas pedal stuck.

Tarter told police that he attempted to stop but could not. “I could have killed people and lost my home and my whole life over,” he said. “I could have killed somebody.”

Tarter also indicated that his insurance company was investigating the incident.

Officials are still conducting their investigation. Anyone who has a Toyota that may have been recalled, they should contact the manufacturer immediately.

This is an unfortunate accident and our sympathies go out to all of those that were involved.