7 Tips on How to Avoid a Harmful Drug Interaction in Louisville

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When you are taking more than one medication and/or seeing more than one doctor, there is the potential for a harmful drug interaction to occur. When it is preventable and caused by medical negligence, however, you may be entitled to pursue a claim against the responsible party. Contact a Louisville medication error lawyer to determine if your doctor or pharmacist may be held liable.

Here are 7 tips on how to avoid a harmful drug reaction: 

  • keep a record on hand of all medications and supplements you are taking, including over-the-counter medicines;
  • ask your doctor why a new medication is being prescribed (its use and what condition and/or symptoms it is supposed to treat);
  • check with your pharmacist or doctor before taking an OTC medication if you are also taking a prescription drug;
  • keep your doctor(s) and pharmacist updated on the medicines you are taking;
  • find out what potential side effects there may be with your medication;
  • have all of your prescriptions filled at one pharmacy; and
  • keep your medication in their original bottles/containers so they can be identified easily. 

If a doctor’s or pharmacist’s negligence led to a harmful drug interaction, you could be entitled to compensation for your injuries. Consulting with a Louisville medication error lawyer will help you learn what your rights are and what options may be available. Contacting a Louisville Medication Error Lawyer

A Louisville medication error lawyer at Gray and White can help you handle every aspect of your drug error claim. If you’ve become the victim of a drug error in Kentucky, contact us today for a free evaluation of your case – 888-450-4456 or 502-210- 8942.