Common Accidents Resulting in Traumatic Brain Injury

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A traumatic brain injury is most commonly suffered from serious impact accidents such as car accidents. In accidents where the victim is not wearing a seat belt or is ejected from the car, head injury is more common and severe. Whiplash and concussions often go hand in hand with car accidents.

Motorcycle accidents are also common times when a traumatic brain injury may be suffered. Because there is no seat belt to restrain the rider, and no airbags to cushion their head, the protection to your brain is decreased drastically. Even with the proper use of a helmet, you may still suffer a TBI if the crash is severe enough.

Slip and fall injuries most often lead to concussions and moderate TBI, but they can be serious if the impact was hard enough. Striking hard pavement or the edge of an object can not only cause cranial bleeding but also the chance that you may suffer a TBI.

A less common but still dangerous type of accident is commonly experienced at construction sites when falling objects present a hazard to those walking below. Even something as small as a dropped wrench can cause a serious TBI under the right circumstances. Protective headgear can minimize this damage, but not always completely prevent injury.

A traumatic brain injury can be a costly, devastating experience for both you and your family. A Louisville brain injury attorney can help you file a Kentucky personal injury claim to help pursue the damages you experience from your accident. 

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