Kentucky nursing home negligence could be the cause for your loved one’s injuries. If you believe this is the case, you should speak immediately with a nursing home abuse lawyer. A lawyer may be able to assist you with pursuing legal action against a negligent caregiver or nursing home facility.

A hip fracture is a serious injury for an elderly resident to suffer. It can lead to severe complications, including death. Although falls among older adults may be more likely, nursing homes should have in place safety procedures that would help prevent this type of injury. 

Some of the complications that could develop from a hip fracture include: 
  • blood clots;
  • bedsores;
  • infection
  • muscle deterioration/weakness;
  • urinary tract infection;
  • pneumonia; and
  • permanent loss of mobility. 
Additionally, when an individual has sustained a hip fracture, the risk of having another one is significantly increased.

If a hip fracture is the result of Kentucky nursing home negligence, compensation for your loved one’s injuries may be available. Contact a nursing home abuse lawyer to learn what your legal options are and if you are entitled to file a claim against the nursing home facility.

Contacting a Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

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