What You Need to Know If a Loved One Died From Anesthesia Aspiration During a Colonoscopy

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Did you know that your loved one was at risk of anesthesia aspiration when he was sedated for his colonoscopy? Did your loved one know about the risk? Did he make an informed decision prior to the test?

Did you know he could die?

These may be just some of the questions going through your head if your loved one has died from aspiration pneumonia after undergoing a colonoscopy.

What Are the Answers?

The answers will not be the same for every family. However, we can encourage you to think about the answers with the benefit of the following information:

  • Aspiration may occur when a colonoscopy is performed.
  • Aspiration is more likely when the patient is put under deep sedation, but the risk is still there even if the patient is not under general anesthesia.
  • Patients should be told how to prepare for a colonoscopy so as to minimize the risk of aspiration and other complications.

And sometimes aspiration can occur because of medical negligence.

Get the Answers That You Need to Make an Informed Decision Now

If your loved one died due to anesthesia aspiration during a colonoscopy, then you need to know if your loved one died because of someone else’s negligence. You need to do know if his death may have been preventable had the anesthesiologist and others exercised reasonable care. To find out how to get the answers to these important questions, please contact us directly to schedule a free consultation.

Additionally, we encourage you to share this blog with your loved ones so that everyone is aware of the risk and knows how to get the important answers they need if their loved one dies from aspiration during or after a colonoscopy.

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