Doctor Mistake Results in Surgery on Wrong Foot

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In February 2009, the patient was admitted to the hospital for what was supposed to be a routine operation on his left leg. The patient recalled being prepped for surgery, which was when his left knee and ankle were marked to indicate location of surgery. However, when the operation was completed and the patient awoke, he was surprised to observe that both his feet were wrapped up.

Unfortunately, the surgeon made the mistake of cutting open his right ankle by mistake before operating on his left leg, that is, the correct leg scheduled for operation. According to the patient, the doctor apologized for having cut the wrong leg, and was clearly upset about the mistake he made. Shortly thereafter, approximately two weeks’ time, the patients’ right ankle became infected and he obtained emergency room treatment (services for which he later received a bill in the amount of $7,000.00). Due to the doctor’s negligence, the patient was disabled and unable to work for five months.

In an effort to obtain compensation for his damages, a lawsuit was filed on behalf of the patient, and we hope that it will help remind hospitals and doctors that we, the people, place our lives and livelihoods in their hands and carelessness or recklessness will not be tolerated. If you suspect that a family member of yours, or a person you care about, may have suffered injuries or death due to the mistake made by a surgery, doctor, nurse, pharmacy technician, or other hospital staff, then you should contact our law firm for your free consultation immediately.

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