Factors Resulting in Partial Fault for a Louisville Motorcycle Accident

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If you were seriously injured in a motorcycle accident, it is important to establish who was liable. Contact aLouisvillemotorcycle accident attorney for help with your claim. 

There are many causes of motorcycle accidents. Some of them are a result of negligence on behalf of the motorcyclist. If this is the case, you could be at risk of receiving inadequate compensation. 

Factors that can lessen your degree of fault in a motorcycle accident include: riding carefully and not weaving through cars; being an experienced rider and completing motorcycle safety courses; and when the other driver’s actions were more dangerous than the motorcyclists, such as not signaling before a lane change. 

Some of the factors that may result in a motorcyclist being partially at fault include: 

  • failure to inspect the bike and make sure it is safe for riding;
  • not recognizing potential hazards;
  • violating traffic laws;
  • not using turn signals;
  • riding too close to other vehicles;
  • unsafe passing;
  • not being clearly visible to others (headlamps not on, reflective clothing not worn at night); and
  • lane splitting (driving in between two lanes of cars that are stopped or moving slowly). 


If any of these actions apply to your accident, you may be found partially at fault for the motorcycle accident. Corroborate your account of what caused the motorcycle accident with evidence, which a Louisville motorcycle accident attorney can help you collect. Liability can have a significant impact on the outcome of your claim, which is why you need to seek legal counsel. 

Contacting a Louisville Motorcycle Accident Attorney 

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