Five Deadly Mistakes Even a “Good” Ob-Gyn Can Make During Your Child’s Birth

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Cesarean childbirthYou trusted your doctor. Even after your child’s birth, when symptoms of a potential birth injury became apparent, you may have been reluctant to acknowledge that your child could have been hurt by your obstetrician’s negligence.

But Medical Negligence Happens

Not every injury suffered at birth is caused by medical malpractice. As a parent, you deserve to know exactly what caused your child’s injury so that you can protect your child’s potential financial recovery.

While every case is unique, it is important to know that even doctors whom you liked and whom you trusted can be legally responsible for:

  • Failing to diagnose a placenta problem. The failure to diagnose or treat placenta problems such as placental insufficiency, placenta previa, placental abruption, or another placenta condition could be dangerous to your child and to you. In some cases, you may have a birth injury claim if the doctor failed to exercise reasonable care in diagnosing or treating the issue.
  • Failing to diagnose an umbilical cord problem. The failure to diagnose or treat umbilical cord problems may be medical malpractice if a reasonable doctor would have diagnosed and treated the condition. Examples of umbilical cord conditions include umbilical cord prolapse, nuchal cord issues, and umbilical cord knots.
  • Failing to monitor your baby during labor. During labor and delivery changes in your child’s fetal heart rate could indicate distress. If your doctor failed to monitor your baby (or have nurses monitor your baby) and, as a result, failed to treat your baby for distress, then you could have a case for medical malpractice.
  • Failing to perform an emergency C-section. If you or your baby are in distress, then an emergency C-section may prevent a serious or fatal injury. Time is of the essence, however, and any delay could cause your child to suffer a birth injury.
  • Failing to use delivery instruments appropriately. Tools such as forceps and vacuums can help safely deliver a child. However, if they are used incorrectly, then they could cause injury to a child.

Has Your Family Been Impacted by a Birth Injury?

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