How to Protect the Hospitalized Elderly in Louisville Hospitals

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Medical negligence is becoming more commonplace in hospitals, and the elderly are especially at risk. Common risks include medication errors, lack of proper nutrition, falls and infections. Being an advocate for your elderly loved one can ensure that he or she receives proper care and treatment while in the hospital. 

The first thing you should do is provide the doctor with your loved one’s medical history, as well as the medications he or she is taking. Knowing more about your loved one’s medical condition and current medications can help ensure a proper treatment plan and reduce the risk of side effects. 

If your loved one has special needs, be sure to inform the medical staff. Not every doctor is aware of their patients’ capabilities, so if your loved one needs help eating or grooming, let the staff know, so they can help. You should also inform them of mobility issues because lying in the same place too long can cause bedsores. 

Learn about the hospital’s safety precautions. If your loved one has mobility issues and is prone to falls, discuss what should be done to keep him or her safe. Some hospitals use restraints to keep patients from getting out of bed and falling. 

These are just some of the ways you can protect your loved one. Understanding the risks of senior care is important to protect your loved one. Read our article, Hospitals Can Be Deadly to Seniors: Find Out the Risks of Senior Care, for more information.  

If you believe your elderly loved one suffered medical negligence while hospitalized, contact a Louisville nursing home abuse attorney from Gray & White. They can help you seek the retribution you deserve. Contact us today at 502-210-8942.