Jury Awards $8 Million Verdict Against Kentucky Nursing Home

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He was a retired surgeon in his eighties who suffered incredible pain at the hands of a Louisville nursing home. According to Kentucky Health News, Dr. David Griffin had both of his legs broken in the process of being moved from a chair into his bed at the Treyton Oak Towers nursing home. Less than 2 months later he was dead.

Dr. Griffin suffered a stroke and also had severe osteoporosis. The nursing home claims that doctors failed to let them know of his condition before any interactions with their employees occurred.

But Dr. Griffin’s estate points out that he was moved from his chair without a lift and by only one nursing assistant. This violates the nursing home’s care plan, which is supposed to make sure there are 2 assistants available.

 The jury broke down the $8 million award in this case as follows: 

  • $2 million for pain and suffering;
  • $1 million for ignoring the state nursing home statute; and
  • $5 million in punitive damages.

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