Kentucky Toyota Accidents Affect on Car Reviewers

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We are all familiar with the problems that Toyota is facing after recalling millions of vehicles to repair sticky accelerators and loose floor mats. As you can imagine, it has inconvenienced countless of customers globally and has increased the risk of Louisville Toyota accidents.

Another concern that has recently surfaced is the credibility on the system of independent ratings and reviews that so many have come to rely on when choosing their next vehicle. Toyota has always received high marks for reliability and safety which has arguably been one of the reasons that the Japanese company has become the world’s largest automaker.

The big concern is that ratings from private groups may not reflect Toyota’s recall and the fact that a dozen fatalities have been linked to the faulty gas pedals and floor mats since 1999. A majority of the ratings are determined by tests by either private groups or by the government. Since the testing for these issues has been limited, Toyota may still be receiving high marks in the area of safety and reliability. As you can imagine, this cold cripple the integrity of the rating system.

If you or someone you know owns a Toyota, you owe it to yourself and your loved ones to check with the manufacturer to determine if your car is on the recall list.

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