Louisville Medical Malpractice Lawyer: Tips for Protecting Children from Medication Overdose

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According to the FDA, about 10% of medical errors result from improper dosing, ordering, or administering of prescription drugs. There are nearly 1.5 million medication overdose cases annually, most of which are preventable.  

When it’s outside of the realm of doctors and pharmacists, what are you doing to protect your children? There are reports that 1 in every 150 children who visit the ER this year will do so as a result of medication overdose. There are steps that you can take to proactively protect your children at home while under medical supervision. 

For starters, always ask questions. Ask why medication is prescribed, the dosage, and other pertinent information. Also, it’s important to inform your doctor about your child’s allergies or sensitivities. If your child is getting medication in a hospital setting or intravenously, still inquire about what they are taking and the dosage. 

In the home, it’s simply a matter of proactive safety. Keep medicine out of children’s reach. Make sure that safety caps are sealed, and put medications away no matter how often you take them. Another big tip: don’t tell kids that medicine tastes like candy to entice them to take it. That could lead to an accidental overdose because they think it is candy, or like the flavor. 

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