Medication Errors are Preventable Forms of Malpractice

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When a huge corporation with pharmacy retail stores nationwide mistakenly provided a cancer patient customer with stronger medication than prescribed by her doctor, the customer had no way of knowing of the pharmacy technician’s fatal medication error. The customer was carelessly given a blood thinner pill 10 times stronger than what her doctor prescribed. She took the medication, and was caused to suffer fatal injuries as her weakened body was not able to handle it.

There was also no way for the patient to foresee that this powerful drug would cause her to suffer a stroke, prevent her from getting life-saving cancer treatments, and eventually lead to her death just a few short years later. Like most customers who have prescriptions filled in their neighborhood’s local pharmacy, she took the drugs given to her and never suspected a medication error. The pharmaceutical doctor and pharmacy staff, however, should have known. There are no acceptable excuses for medication errors, which are an entirely preventable form of negligence or medical malpractice.

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