Medication Errors in Children May Be Frequent and Preventable

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At the American Academy of Pediatrics meeting in 2006, it was reported that up to 26 percent of outpatient care children were the victims of some form of medication error. 

In children, medications may be more complex because many medicines are designed for adults and the dosages are simply modified for a child’s size and weight. The Centers for Disease Control recommends using a dropper or a medication-measuring spoon to give the precise dosages to help avoid potential dangers of overmedication. 

While the advances in medications have provided doctors with more options for treating illness and disease, the more powerful the medication, the more dangerous they may be when prescribed or given in the wrong dosage.

In some cases, these medication errors may be the result of carelessness or negligence on the part of a medical professional. 

It is important for parents who have children in a doctor’s care to understand how height, weight and other factors can lead to medication errors in children.  

Rights of Children Victims of Medication Errors 

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