Motorcycle Accidents Caused by Lane Splitting

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Motorcyclists split lanes in slow-moving traffic in order to pass cars. They do this by driving between two lanes going in the same direction. Many motorcyclists split lanes even though it is unsafe. In fact, a survey showed that nearly 80 percent of motorcyclists do it. Motorists, police officers, and judges dislike this practice because of its increased risk for accident. More than 63% of motorists disapprove of it, and almost 8 percent have prevented a motorcycle from lane splitting. 

Most states are vague about whether or not lane splitting is legal. It is openly legal inCalifornia, but other states neither ban it nor openly recognize it as legal. It’s overlooked as long as it is done safely. However, if it comes up as a cause of a motorcycle accident in the court of law, then a judge may frown upon it. 

When motorcycle accidents occur due to lane splitting, the motorcyclist is usually the one at fault. However, if the other driver was being reckless or purposely prohibited the motorcyclist from lane splitting, he may be at fault for causing the accident. If you do choose to lane split, be extra cautious and turn on your headlights. Learn more in our article about motorcycle accidents  

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