New Scanner to Reduce Risk of Radiation Overdose in Children

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Medical innovations are important in the effort to prevent medical errors and negligence, such as radiation overdose and radiation mistakes.

In some good news in the fight to decrease the risk of radiation errors, the Kentucky Lexington Herald-Leader reports that a new scanner in Milwaukee may reduce the risk of radiation overdoses when treating children.

The new EOS scanner at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin can capture images of the spine in seconds and delivers just 1/10th of a normal radiation dose in an X-ray. It is also an example of the type of medical advancement that may help to reduce the occurrence of medical mistakes and medication errors.

While a CT scan can help to diagnose patients, according to Image Gently, just 1 CT head scan can be the same as receiving up to 8 months of background radiation. Just 1 CT abdomen scan can be the same as receiving up to 20 months of background radiation.

Since many hospitals and clinics lease their scanners, it is more likely they will be using newer equipment. However, there is still the concern that not everyone knows how to properly use them, or how to activate the pediatric dosage settings of a scanner.

A radiation overdose or error is an extremely serious type of medical mistake that can have severe or even deadly consequences for the patient. If you or your child has been the victim of a radiation mistake, contact an attorney who has experience handling medication error claims in Kentucky.

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