Plans to Widen I-65 Aim may Increase Safety in Kentucky

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Thousands of traffic accidents occur on Kentucky highways each year, and I-65 has proven one of the most dangerous highways in the state. The good news? Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear has proposed a highway plan that would allot $492 million toward widening a 47-mile stretch of I-65 by 2018, the has reported.

Nowhere is this more important than at the portion of the highway that runs between Elizabethtown and the Cumberland Parkway, where an estimated 42,000 vehicles travel each day. A disproportionate amount of highway fatalities occur there; 41 percent of traffic fatalities happened on that stretch, even though that portion only accounts for 34 percent of the interstate’s path. 

The highway is frequented by large tractor-trailers, further increasing the risk of highway accidents. In fact, in 2010, a horrific truck accident occurred on that portion of the interstate and claimed the lives of 10 Mennonite family members, as well as the driver of the truck that collided with their vehicle.  

Officials attribute lack of adequate medians and the truck driver’s distracted driving as major factors to the accident. That two-lane stretch of highway has become incredibly dangerous, but Gov. Beshear’s plan is setting the wheel in motion to make Kentucky highways a safer place to travel.

Progress is slow but state officials are pushing to have the project completed as soon as possible. The quicker the project is completed, the more potential lives could be saved.

To take a look at the plan, visit KY Transportation Cabinet’s website, where you can see the progress in the works, as well as get the 5-1-1 on local road conditions.

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