Preventing a Prescription Drug Mix Up in Kentucky

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With so many drugs looking or sounding alike, the chance of becoming the victim of a prescription drug mix up is high. However, there are ways this can be prevented. When a doctor or pharmacist mistake was preventable and you suffer as a result, you may need to speak with a Kentucky law firm to learn what legal options could be available.

By providing additional information, other than just the name of the drug, many mistakes can be avoided. Doctors who scribble down the name of a prescription may have illegible handwriting. Or if the prescription is called in, it may be difficult to hear what is being prescribed.

Including the condition the drug treats on the prescription could help significantly. Any questions on which type of drug is being prescribed may be answered just with this information.

This is known as the clinical indication, and it indicates the specific type of system or ailment being treated, such as: 

  • respiratory;
  • immunologic;
  • psychiatric;
  • cardiovascular;
  • neurologic;
  • gastrointestinal; and
  • musculoskeletal. 

When a prescription drug mix up is caused by a doctor or pharmacist mistake, you could be entitled to compensation for any resulting injuries. Consult with a Kentucky law firm that handles malpractice cases in order to learn how you can protect your rights. 

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