Summer Calls for Evaluation of Lexington Public Pool Access

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The summer heat has made many families heading to Lexington’s public pools, and new regulations may help make this an option for many disabled residents.

A report from WKYT 27 Newsfirst announced that the Lexington Parks and Recreation division is starting early on complying with recent federal requirements. The Americans with Disabilities Act recently added a requirement that all public pools install handicap lifts by March 2012.

The Parks and Recreation officials are already working to comply, touring several pools, on July 26, to determine where to place lifts and how many each pool would require. The lifts are not only designed to provide access to those who would normally be unable to utilize the pools, but also increase safety of any swimmers who need additional assistance in and out of the water.

Public pools are one of the many places that can pose potential risks to individuals when proper safety measures are not followed. The local government has a duty to maintain their pool facilities and provide the necessary safety features to keep swimmers from harm. If you have been injured in a Lexington slip and fall, meet with your Kentucky slip and fall lawyer to see if you have a claim worth pursing.

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