Tips for Kentucky Motorcyclists: How Protective Gear Can Prevent Burn Injuries

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Riding a motorcycle in Kentucky without the limitations of an enclosed cab or heavy, clumsy clothing has a romantic ring to it. That’s why so many enthusiasts object to motorcycle laws of any kind. But the fact remains that protective gear does guard against burn injuries and other types of wounds that may occur after a ride or because of motorcycle accidents.

Diferent types of burn injuries include: 

  • road rash – these are abrasions caused by hitting or sliding across pavement;
  • exhaust burns – this kind of burn happens when bare skin comes in contact with a bike’s pipes; and
  • windburn – this burn happens mostly to the face and hands when they are not covered while riding. 

By wearing a helmet that is approved by the Department of Transportation, not only do you lessen the chances of suffering from a brain injury during a crash, but you can also protect your face from windburn.

In addition, the risks of road rash and exhaust burns are greatly reduced, if you make sure to cover as much skin as possible. This means wearing a jacket, long pants and high boots. Leather and synthetics that are designed for motorcycle riding don’t rip as easily on impact.

However, even when you wear protective gear, you still face the risk of suffering injury in a serious accident. If a negligent driver has caused you harm, speak to a Kentucky motorcycle accident attorney about filing a claim.

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