Types of Evidence Your Kentucky Motorcycle Accident Claim Needs

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Gathering evidence of your motorcycle accident in Lexington, Kentucky is probably the last thing on your mind when you’ve suffered a serious injury. Even if you’re unable to start the documentation process yourself while still at the scene, you sometimes can rely on the help of others to do so for you.

There are 4 major types of evidence that can help your motorcycle accident claim go much smoother. These evidence types include: 

  • Photographs – You should have visual records of the accident scene, damage to all involved vehicles, property and equipment, and your own injuries.
  • Police reports – A police officer will respond to the accident if someone calls emergency rescue. The officer will compile a report based on scene observation and statements from the drivers involved, passengers and witnesses.
  • Medical records – All medical treatments and bills associated with your accident injuries should be kept to show the cost of your injuries.
  • Witness contact information – Anyone who witnessed your accident could be necessary to give a statement to the insurance company to verify the events that caused the crash. 

There are several other types of documentation that may be necessary in your motorcycle accident claim, depending on the damages you are seeking. Instead of dealing with this paperwork and evidence discovery on your own, you have the right to employ the help of a Lexington personal injury attorney in preserving and settling your case.

There are many common types of motorcycle accidents that can lead to serious injury. Don’t let your family suffer the expenses and damages of a serious accident on your own – get legal help today!

Contacting a Lexington Personal Injury Attorney

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