The chances of being in a serious injury accident in Louisville, Kentucky, may increase if you're driving a lighter vehicle like a motorcycle. Even cautious, experienced riders can become victims when other drivers are negligent in sharing the roads. No matter where your accident takes place, you can count on the guidance of a Lexington personal injury attorney to help you through this difficult time.

The Most Common Types of Motorcycle Accidents

There are many ways you may become involved in a serious motorcycle accident. Louisville, Kentucky, drivers who do not pay attention while sharing the roads often can make dangerous maneuvers without being aware that a motorcycle is nearby.

Some of the most common types of serious injury in motorcycle accidents include: 

  • vehicles changing lanes in the path of a motorcycle;
  • vehicles making a left-hand turn when a motorcycle is in the adjacent lane;
  • poor weather conditions causing a loss of stability; and
  • malfunctioning bikes. 

These types of accidents are generally not the fault of the motorcyclist, and another party may be liable for causing your injuries. Before you begin pointing fingers, you should contact a Lexington personal injury attorney to review your case and what steps to take next.

An experienced attorney will have seen several cases similar to yours and knows how to handle the evidence collection, claim organization and settlement negotiations. Kentucky law allows you to bring a lawsuit against another driver if the driver's car insurance coverage does not cover all of your damages, and this is where your attorney will be of great help.

Taking steps to protect yourself at all times when driving your motorcycle is the best way to avoid being seriously injured in an accident. Our Louisville, Kentucky attorney team can explain more about motorcycle safety.

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