Wheelchair Options for Children With Cerebral Palsy

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You have many goals for your child. As you look toward the future and anticipate that cerebral palsy may prevent your child from walking, your goals are to make sure that your child is as independent, fully included in school and daily activities, and comfortable as possible. To that end, it will be important to find the right type of wheelchair for your child.

Four Types of Wheelchairs for Kids with Cerebral Palsy

Depending on your child’s needs, your child may benefit from using a:

  1. girl pushing brother with cerebral palsy in wheelchairTraditional electric wheelchair. Electric wheelchairs are a popular option for kids with cerebral palsy. There are different types of electric wheelchairs on the market that offer various features. For example, some electric wheelchairs are operated by a joystick and others by a touchpad or eye control.
  2. Standing electric wheelchair. If your child can stand but not walk, then a standing wheelchair may be an essential piece of equipment. Your child can move around in an upright position with the necessary safety support.
  3. Tilt-in-space electric wheelchair. Tilt-in-space wheelchairs can pivot backward to help relieve pressure and improve circulation.
  4. Manual wheelchair. Manual wheelchairs are lighter and less expensive than electric wheelchairs. However, they are often not the best long-term solution. To use a manual wheelchair, your child must use his arms to move it or have someone push him.

Your child’s physical therapist and doctor can help you choose the right type of wheelchair for your child.

How to Pay for Your Child’s Wheelchair

Wheelchairs, like other types of adaptive equipment, are expensive. When your child is an infant and still using a stroller, you may not know which type of wheelchair your child will need, but the cost of a wheelchair can be included in your child’s cerebral palsy lawsuit recovery.

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