Was Your Loved One’s Death Caused by His Hospital Discharge?

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Your loved one wanted nothing more than to go home. He wanted to sleep in his own bed and be surrounded by his family. He wanted to be away from the beeps of the hospital equipment and regular intrusions into his rest. You also wanted him to come home. However, neither of you wanted him to come home until he was medically ready for a discharge from the University of Louisville Hospital.

Neither of You Wanted the Discharge to Cost Your Loved One His Life

Yet, that may be what happened if your loved one was discharged before he was medically ready to be discharged. For example, patients who are discharged too early from University of Louisville Hospital, or any other Louisville area facility may suffer from:

  • Infection
  • Unclear discharge directions or follow up care instructions
  • The failure to diagnose existing medical conditions

Any of these mistakes can be deadly.

What to Do Next

It is too late to go back and insist that your loved one remain in the hospital. It is too late to save your loved one’s life. However, it is not too late to pursue justice. It is not too late to protect your family’s future or to protect other families from having to endure the kind of pain you are experiencing.

To find out what you can do to help your family, and other families, please contact us directly via this website and please find out more about your rights in the related link section of this page.