Do I need a lawyer if my child has cerebral palsy?

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child with cerebral palsy smiling in wheelchairIt is important to call an attorney if your child is diagnosed with cerebral palsy. Some cases of cerebral palsy occur naturally, but many others occur because of medical malpractice. An experienced birth injury lawyer can investigate what happened to your child, find out why your child has cerebral palsy, and, if appropriate, fight to protect your child’s legal and financial recovery.

How a Cerebral Palsy Lawyer Can Help You

Once your child exhibits symptoms or has been diagnosed with cerebral palsy, a birth injury lawyer can:

  • Gather evidence. Medical records, test results, witness statements, and other evidence from your pregnancy, labor, and delivery may explain why your child has cerebral palsy.
  • Advise you of your legal options. You understandably want to know if you have a case that is worth pursuing. We will let you know if you could have a birth injury case, how a birth injury case works, and what your child may recover so that you can make an informed decision about whether to bring a birth injury lawsuit.
  • Fight for your child’s recovery. In Kentucky, you have one year to file a birth injury lawsuit. Our lawyers will act quickly to make sure all of your child’s rights are protected, but we won’t sacrifice your child’s fair recovery for a fast recovery. We will prepare your child’s case for trial, and we won’t hesitate to go to trial if that’s what it takes to protect your child’s future.

Let Our Birth Injury Legal Team Help You

Our experienced birth injury lawyers and staff nurse know what questions to ask and what evidence to consider. We can help you find out why your child suffered cerebral palsy and if it was because of medical negligence. We will then fight for your child’s financial compensation.

You don’t need the added day-to-day stress of a birth injury lawsuit. You need to concentrate on parenting your child and your other responsibilities. Let us protect your child’s legal rights and fight hard for your child’s financial recovery. Call us today to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation.

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