How do I know if a motorcycle helmet is acceptable under my state’s helmet law?

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When considering purchasing a motorcycle helmet, it is important to know whether it is acceptable under your state’s helmet laws. Helmets can help to save your life in an accident, but make sure the helmet you wear is actually going to provide you with the protection that you expect. 

Not every state requires motorcycle helmets for adult riders, so you may not have any obligation to wear a helmet. You can check with the Department of Motor Vehicles or read the DMV manual or motor vehicle code for your state to determine the motorcycle helmet requirements in the area where you live or intend to ride.  

Regardless of whether you have to wear a helmet, it is a smart choice to wear one to protect your head. The best choice in helmets is those approved by your state and by the Department of Transportation since these helmets will meet all requirements in terms of impact-tests and durability. To find one that meets your state’s guidelines, look for a sticker or label that indicates that the helmet is DOT approved or meets DOT requirements. 

If you have been involved in an accident, whether you were wearing a helmet at the time or not, you may have certain legal rights of which you should be aware. A Hardin County motorcycle accident attorney can help you to understand these rights and whether you have a case to recover damages following an accident. 

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