How does a jury decide if a doctor committed medical malpractice in Louisville, Kentucky?

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When you pursue a medical malpractice case, you will need ample evidence that proves a doctor was negligent. Because this type of claim can be very complex, you will need help from a Louisville personal injury attorney who has experience handling these types of cases.

You may find that your claim is unable to reach a settlement without going to trial. If this is the case, then a jury may have to decide whether or not your doctor committed medical malpractice.

One of the ways a decision is reached is by comparing your doctor’s actions, or lack thereof, with another physician who may have been in the same situation. For example, if your doctor didn’t order further tests based on your symptoms, and it was later discovered you had cancer, this would be compared to what another doctor would have done.

The question would be asked if another doctor in the same scenario would have acted differently. The jury might reach the conclusion that the doctor would have ordered tests to rule out anything serious. This could lead to your doctor being found liable for medical malpractice.

Or a jury may find that another doctor wouldn’t have acted differently. In that case, your doctor may not be found liable.

Keep in mind that a jury won’t compare a family physician to the actions of an oncologist. The members will look at how a doctor with similar skills, education, training and specialty would act.

There can be other variables that will play into this type of case, so you need the assurance that you have knowledgeable legal counsel working on your behalf. Contact a Louisville personal injury attorney who handles medical malpractice cases.

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