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What is hypovolemia?

The human body needs a steady volume of blood in order for all of the organs to work properly and for good health to be maintained. When there is a decrease in the volume of blood or in bodily fluids, then a condition called hypovolemia…

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Is it possible to win a wrongful death case against a respected anesthesiologist?

The answer is yes. It is possible to file a successful wrongful death case against even the most respected of doctors. While doctors who do their jobs well and save lives deserve our respect, it is important to remember that nobody is above the law….

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I’ve been told that the cause of my spouse’s death during surgery was anesthesia aspiration. What exactly is that?

NOTE: Our Louisville personal injury lawyers operate exclusively within the state of Kentucky. While we appreciate your interest and readership, we regretfully cannot accept cases or provide legal assistance outside the state of Kentucky. In order to control the pain of surgery, your loved one’s…

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How many people die from preventable mistakes in U.S. hospitals every year?

It is difficult to come up with an accurate accounting of who died from preventable medical mistakes in U.S. hospitals. The issue with coming up with an accurate number is caused by a few different problems. For example, many mistakes may never be reported, and…

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Why should I consider a wrongful death claim after a medical malpractice incident if so many medical malpractice cases fail?

You ask a good question, and you are correct. Many wrongful death cases that allege medical malpractice caused a person’s death do fail. They may fail because the allegations are incorrect or the person bringing the lawsuit does not have a lawyer who understands the…

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My wife was discharged from a Kentucky hospital without any tests and she died as a result of a surgical complication. Was this medical malpractice?

A discharge from University Hospital, Baptist Hospital, or any other Louisville hospital without any tests could be medical malpractice in some circumstances. Generally, such a discharge may be medical malpractice if: (1) a reasonable doctor, nurse, or hospital would have conducted certain tests after surgery…

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