June 2014

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What You May Recover If Your Spouse Was Killed in a Kentucky Boat Accident

Your spouse was excited to spend the day fishing on Lake Barkley. The weather was good and he was ready to spend the day relaxing with his buddies while they fished for trout or bass. You never expected the phone call that came later that…

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Does the person driving a boat have to report a fatal boat accident in Kentucky?

Yes. Coast Guard rules require that recreational boat accidents that result in one or more deaths be reported. More specifically, boat operators, or owners, are required to report any boat accident that results in death to the Commonwealth of Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife…

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3 Ways to Significantly Decrease Your Chances of Being Killed in a Kentucky Boat Accident

You may have left the shore of Lake Cumberland with the intention of fishing for trout or spending some time at General Burnside State Park. Regardless of your itinerary, your ultimate goal is to make sure that you, and those on board the boat with…

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Environmental Pollution: How to Right a Wrong and Protect the Future

Maybe the company saved money by polluting the air in the Park Hill Industrial Corridor. Perhaps the company made a mistake that resulted in groundwater contamination in Jeffersonville or another environmental problem in another part of Kentucky. However it happened, it was you and your…

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Three Reasons Some Teens Don’t Wear Seat Belts and What You Can Do About it

It is hard to imagine the grief of losing a child in a Louisville car accident. It is harder still to imagine living the rest of your life knowing that your child might have survived the accident on I-71, the Gene Snyder Freeway, or another…

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How many people die from preventable mistakes in U.S. hospitals every year?

It is difficult to come up with an accurate accounting of who died from preventable medical mistakes in U.S. hospitals. The issue with coming up with an accurate number is caused by a few different problems. For example, many mistakes may never be reported, and…

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