How does staff turnover affect the care my loved one will get in a Kentucky nursing home?

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The quality of nursing home care that your loved one receives will be greatly impacted by staff turnover. It is often a strong indication of what you can expect in the way of care. This is why you should ask questions about this when you are selecting a nursing home for a family member.

In general, a high rate of staff turnovers often means lower quality of care. This can be a result of:  

  • dissatisfaction with the working environment;
  • the hours;
  • the number of patients that require care;
  • too low of wages;
  • inadequate training;
  • paltry incentives; or
  • insufficient breaks

When staff in a nursing home is frustrated by circumstances such as these, it increases the chance of taking it out on the residents. This can come in the form of outright verbal or physical abuse, or it may come in the way of neglect.

Unfortunately, understaffing is a common problem in many nursing homes. There simply isn’t enough staff to accommodate the needs of all the residents. This can lead to inadequate care.

The quality of care in a nursing home is at its highest when the staff turnover rate is low. If you are seeking a facility for your loved one, be sure to ask about this.

You may find that someone you love has been the victim of neglect or abuse in a nursing home. If you have evidence, or even if you suspect this is the case, you would benefit in speaking to Kentucky nursing home abuse lawyers.

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