How often should nursing staff check in on a patient in Louisville, Kentucky?

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By law, federally funded nursing homes must follow daily care requirements for their residents. If you suspect a care facility is neglecting your loved one and is not meeting the minimum regulations, get in touch with a Louisville, Kentucky nursing home neglect attorney who can go over your legal options with you. 

Although there are no set standards for how often staff should check in on patients in a nursing home, many nursing facilities in Kentucky are funded by Medicare and Medicaid and are subject to rules about daily care requirements. 

When a person first moves into a nursing home, the facility must complete a comprehensive assessment – an evaluation of the patient’s physical and mental condition – within the first 2 weeks. This report will determine whether the patient is able to perform daily tasks or will need assistance. 

Following the assessment the nursing home must conduct a care plan conference within a week, which the patient and family members may participate in, to formulate an individualized care plan. The plan of care will specifically outline how the staff will assist the patient daily to address his or her particular medical, emotional, and physical needs. 

Care planning conferences are held every 3 months or if there is a significant change in mental or physical health. The care plan should be adjusted to suit the new situation. After the initial assessment, residents are to be re-evaluated at least once per year and reviewed every 3 months. 

If you suspect the care plan is not being enacted – or there is evidence of nursing home neglect – the facility is required to provide the patient’s record which will include entries on the treatment and care the patient received. You have a right to see this document regularly.

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