I just moved to a rural area of Kentucky, and I love it! I have some concerns about driving here, though. There are a lot of dirt roads around here, and even though I have a 4-wheel-drive vehicle, I’m afraid of getting stuck in mud. How do you get yourself unstuck?

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It’s a good idea to know what to do before it happens. In September 2010, Consumer Reports provided the following helpful set of suggestions to free your vehicle if you get stuck in snow, mud, or sand.

  • Keep the tires pointed straight ahead.
  • You can limit wheel spin by switching your car to winter mode, if your car provides this option.
  • Accelerate slowly, being careful not to spin the wheels. Spinning the wheels in mud or sand will cause the tires to dig in deeper. Spinning the wheels on snow-covered pavement could eventually dig through to the surface, but if your car has traction control, turn it off.
  • Shift between Drive and Reverse to gently rock the car, shifting direction when the wheels spin.
  • Try traction mats, snow chains, fabric tire wraps, sand, kitty litter, or even your floor mats or trunk liner to get traction and free yourself.
  • If you have to jack up the car to get the traction aid in place, put it on solid ground. You could achieve this by using something flat and solid, such as a plank.

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