I’m afraid of being in Kentucky car accident while I’m pregnant. Where should I sit when I get in the car to reduce my risk of injury?

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It makes sense that you would want to keep your unborn baby as safe as possible while riding (or driving) in the car. After all, women are statistically more likely to die in car crashes than from complications during delivery, so cars may be seen as one of the biggest risks to the health of both you and your baby.

However, pregnant women can reduce their risk of being injured in a Louisville car wreck by taking a few precautions in the car. For instance, your risks will vary depending on where you are seated:

  • In the back seat. If you are riding in the back seat of a vehicle, you should always sit in the center with the seat belt fastened around your hips. This will lessen your chances of injury in a side-impact collision.
  • In the driver’s seat. If you have to drive, always tilt the steering wheel up, slide your seat back, and keep the airbags turned on. This will help protect the baby from a steering wheel injury.
  • In the passenger’s seat. Pregnant women should ride in the passenger’s seat as much as possible. This seat  not only has more room for the mother, it has the protection of a lap belt, shoulder harness, an airbag, and a front-impact crumple zone.

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