I’m getting ready to visit a couple of Louisville nursing homes for my mother. Other than just going over the Nursing Home Checklist with the staff, what questions should I ask?

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On their website, Kentuckians for Nursing Home Reform lists 11 questions you should ask to find out if the nursing home practices person-directed care, along with optimal responses. We’ll cover the first six here and the rest in a future FAQ.

1. Do your certified nursing assistants (CNAs) care for the same residents each time they work, or are their assignments rotating?

You want to hear that they have consistent assignments. Research shows that this way, the caregivers learn a resident’s routine, preferences, and needs and can thus provide individualized care.

2. What is your CNA turnover rate?

Because studies show that high caregiver turnover rate is strongly correlated with substandard patient care, the lower the number, the better. Less than 40 percent would be a decent rate.

3. What is the turnover rate for your licensed nursing staff?

Again, turnover rate correlates with poor patient care; less than 30 percent is good.

4. Do you use agency nurses?

The facility should use nurses from a temporary agency only in a short-staffing emergency. Temporary employees don’t have time to get to know the residents.

5. May residents take their bath or shower when they choose?

The nursing home should be able to accommodate individual bathing preferences.

6. Will my loved one be able to arise in the morning at the time she wishes?

Again, the facility should be flexible enough to allow residents to awaken at the time to which they are accustomed.

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