If nursing home abuse and neglect is against the law, why is it not just a criminal matter in Kentucky? Why should families contact Louisville nursing home abuse lawyers?

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Nursing home abuse or neglect may be a criminal matter in Kentucky. However, even if a criminal case is brought by the state, families should still contact Louisville nursing home abuse attorneys

There are several reasons why it is important to contact a nursing home abuse attorney in Louisville, even if a criminal case is brought. Specifically: 

  • Criminal cases have different standards that must be met. Generally, the standard of proof is higher and it is possible that a criminal case will result in a finding of not guilty, while a finding of abuse or neglect may be made in a civil court.
  • An injured nursing home resident will not recover anything in the criminal case. A criminal case is brought on behalf of the people of Kentucky and may result in a punishment for the person who committed the abuse or neglect. However, the victim may not recover compensation. A civil case may help the victim recover for his or her past, current and future medical bills, rehabilitation costs, out-of-pocket expenses, physical pain and emotional suffering. 

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