If the nursing home staff members smoke around my loved one in Louisville, can that be considered nursing home abuse?

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If a nursing home employee is subjecting a resident to second-hand smoke against their will while residing in the facility, this could constitute as nursing home abuse. If you believe the rights of your loved one have been violated by the nursing home or nursing home staff, it’s best to contact aLouisville nursing home abuse attorney immediately to protect the life of your loved one and determine if you have a claim worth to pursue. 

Effective in July 2007, Louisville enacted a smoke-free law prohibiting tobacco smoking in any public building. Personal dwellings are exempt from the ban, as are tobacco businesses, outdoor areas, and inside private motor vehicles. Nursing homes are permitted to allow smoking in designated smoking areas. It is up to the facility to determine if it will be a smoking or smoke-free residence. 

While smoking tobacco allows residents to maintain personal autonomy, second-hand smoke exposure violates a non-smoker’s rights to a safe and healthy environment.

If a nursing home allows smoking, tobacco use is not permitted in any room shared with a non-smoker without first obtaining consent. This applies to both residents and employees.  

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