What kind of lawyer do I need if I was hurt in a bus crash?

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Technically any lawyer who is admitted to the Kentucky bar can represent you if you have been hurt in a Transit Authority of River City (TARC) or other type of bus accident. However, there are specific things that you may want to consider before you make this important decision.

For example, you might want to consider:

  • An attorney’s experience in general and with bus accident cases in particular. TARC accidents are different from other types of motor vehicle crashes, and you might want an attorney who has experience with public bus accident cases.
  • How comfortable you are with the attorney during your free consultation. You need to be able to work closely with your lawyer to get the recovery that you deserve. You should not have reservations about your ability to communicate with or work effectively with a lawyer.
  • Whether you are confident that the attorney will strongly advocate for your full and fair recovery. You do not want to hire a lawyer who is afraid to go to trial. The insurance companies will sense the attorney’s reluctance and it could impact your recovery.

This Is an Important Personal Decision

You only have a limited time to file a TARC accident case. However, before you file a claim you should take some time to find the right lawyer for you so that you can be confident that you will get the fair and just recovery that you deserve.

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