My dad lives in a nursing home in Louisville and wants to visit my house for Christmas. Is this allowed?

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Yes, your dad is allowed to visit your house for Christmas if he lives in a nursing home in Louisville. If your dad is denied this and you have other suspicions of abuse, then you may need to seek legal counsel from a Louisville nursing home abuse law firm.

If your loved one participates in the Medicaid program, there may be limitations on the number of days that a resident can be away from the facility. This is generally 10 days.

In any circumstance, you should give advanced notice to the facility that you would like to take your dad home for the holiday. This allows ample opportunity to make any necessary preparations, including instructions for food, medications and other items that need special care.

You should also make sure that you have the number of who to call at the nursing home if there were to be any questions or concerns. By working together, this visit can be made much easier.

However, if your loved one is being told that they can’t leave the grounds or they seem fearful to talk to you or other family members, this could be a warning sign of abuse or intimidation.

When your loved one resides in a nursing home in Louisville and you have suspicions of abuse, don’t delay in seeking help from a Louisville nursing home abuse law firm. An attorney will carefully look into your case to determine if you indeed have a legitimate concern and possibly the right to pursue a claim.

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