My daughter was killed in a crash while riding as a passenger in her boyfriend’s car. The boyfriend says it wasn’t his fault, but the other driver says it wasn’t his, either. Who am I supposed to believe?

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Unfortunately, this situation happens a lot to families whose relative died after a Louisville car accident. Determining fault is never easy, especially when each driver’s insurance company will do its best to avoid the blame—and the costs—of the accident.


Investigating the crash is key to finding out who is liable for a fatal crash. Here are a few parties that may be held responsible:


  • The driver. If your daughter’s boyfriend demonstrated any act of negligence (such as failing to stop at a stop sign) that contributed to the crash, he may be held liable.
  • The other driver. If the investigation shows that the other driver was distracted, under the influence, or otherwise at fault for the crash, you may be able to seek payment from his insurance company.
  • Both drivers. In some cases, both drivers may be at fault for a single accident. Survivors in these cases may be able to recover damages from both parties, although you cannot get paid twice for the same cost. This is especially relevant when one driver’s insurance isn’t sufficient to cover all of your loved one’s medical bills and end-of-life costs.
  • The vehicle manufacturer. People are not the only factors that can cause car accidents. A faulty brake system, malfunctioning seat belts, or un-deployed airbags may cause a crash to occur or make the injuries sustained in an accident more serious than they would have been if the car had been functioning properly.


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